Demise of TM Net SIG

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I am calling this the demise of TM Net SIG. After learning that the budget from TM Net back in 2006 right after Michael Lai has left, was used up within 2 weeks time for TM Net User group. Seeing the expenditure of all, the group, at least for Sarawak sake has yet to see any form of budget or money even for the filing of registration was forked out of my own pocket.

Of late, all the technical questioning and answering between TM Net (now TM) and user group has ceased. It is therefore that this group cannot function anymore and most of the people in the previous pro-tem committee has lost their interest in the maintenance of the operation of the group. Therefore I called to disband the TM Net SIg formed by TM Net (Now TM) and to call for a formation of a new user group called TM User Group. A call to support is scheduled on 1 May 2008 in Kuching and I am sourcing for a venue to house this brief gathering. Several legal issue is been considered prior to this and I will work it out before I announce the venue and time.

Hopefully this time, things will get in order and will work out properly with a good cause.

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