Post-Election: many cans of worms

Can 1: Penang Bridge

there seems to be many can of worms been digged up recently after the tsunami election. One of which is the what our PM has done yesterday. As far as the second bridge is concerned, the drawings that was shown to the public was just an artiste impression of the proposal. Now that Penang has landed into the hands of the opposition, the “reason” given was that the cost of the bridge ….. blah blah blah…

Personally I would think this is a very lame excuse to be given to the current Penang Government. I used to have much respect to the PM until yesterday when he should have just said in the spirit of BN, that “because Penang is in the hand of the opposition, therefore the project is postponed.” Last press conference on the bridge with that impressive presentation scratched that the bridge design is just an artiste impression and the final building plan is only ready by August 2008 after the topology analysis. How can something that is due in August be scratched off in April when the estimated budget of 3 Billions (supposedly borrowed from China).

Let me see, All the large bridge project under our dear Pak Lah will be …. scratched… compensated and big sum for compensation. We will see how much China Harcour and UEM is going to get this round as compared to the Johore scenic bridge which already cost the tax payer RM 740 Millions.

Can 2: Sibu

Soon to be known as New Orleans of Sarawak, DID and the local people has been baffling each other on how to solve the problem. From a source in Sibu, certain politician linked company has been awarded RM 1.6 Billion over the past 5 years to deepen the Rejang river and to date, money has been paid and no work has been done. I am wondering how can the Sibu Visionary team kept mum about this. Speaking of which, where are they right now? I didn’t see any press statement from the visionary team. Are they in Sibu or are they somewhere else in the world right now cause they don’t want to swim home to bed? Being born in Sibu, I still think that Sibu is a good town but looking at the progress of the water in Sibu, I am sure Sibu is going to lose its population even more and soon, the population of Sibu will be lesser than that of Bintulu. Maybe Sibu can be our Venice of Sarawak very soon. That way, it can be a tourist attraction and restore the economy of Sibu through tourism.

Can 3: Police

Why does it has to take 201 years for the police to act against the culprits after it has hit one minister’s house twice and our DCM house once? Are they really not capable? No. Why do they even bother about political rally when crime rate is so high just around the corner of the rally? This is after 201 years, and the integrity of the police is flushed down the drain many years back. Yet only now, they started to think that they need to beef up their integrity.

Can 4: Money

Since the unpegging, we are seeing our currency value increased against USD. We are also seeing the prices of daily goods increased. life is harder now than before. So, what is the actual value of our money right now? Malaysian buying power is deminishing. A lot of things has its price increased and when the food of the food in Malaysia is going into shortage, I would think the value of our money will decrease some more. How much can we buy now with our RM 50 ringgit? Maybe Bank Negara should consider reinstating the RM 500 and RM 1000 currency note since the RM 50 is stated to feel like RM 5 and RM 100 has started to feel like RM 10 comparing now and year 1991.

Can 5: SCORE

I don’t know whether the Government is using this as a gimmick or not but I have yet to see much direct approach to SCORE. The main thing about SCORE is on the word letter RE, which stands for Renewable Energy. For instance, I am personally building my own windmill at home and also building a mini hydro somewhere in Tatau. Prior to my completion, I pay a visit to EIU for regulation checks. When I check with EIU regulation, SESCo, the defacto power generator in Sarawak does not allow any of such power generator to be installed at places where their power grid can reached. Maybe the law maker should consider removing this clause from the application requirement before SCORE can score more. Dang! I cannot test my windmill anymore.

Anyway, most long houses on their own diesel powered generator installed by themselves will have to be fined RM 10K each if SESCo wanted some quick money by just laying their 33KVA line somewhere nearby and they have to ask the poor fishermen and ratan weaver to pay RM 275,000 for a step down relay station and RM 8k per pole to connect their longhouses to the power grid. Really a Malaysia Boleh.

Can 6: Petroleum

RON 95? and RON 99? gosh…… Another can of worm waiting to be opened.

Can 7: Corridors

The remnant of Tun Mahathir’s era, where the singular Multimedia Super Corridor was put in place and now the successor is using it to outshine Tun by showing that he can have more than one Corridor out (but may not be up and running) in mere 4 years in office as compare to Tun single corridor in his 22 years in office. Does the corridor really works?

Any more cans?

**Reader Discretion is advised**