I’m Hiring

Yes! I’m hiring an Engineer. I need a EE engineer for this project. Your salary is not guaranteed, but I would guarantee that the job will be extremely challenging. If the project is through, you will get your name used in the registration of the trademark of the product which will be co-owned with the company. The design of the Raw Power PicoGenerator is ready and only those interested will get to see it on my sketch. I will also that there will be danger in this job and you will have to work one month outside of civilization at Bukit Kana Discovering Center. In the end, you will get a 50% share of the loyalties commission paid to you for a duration of 2 years out of the sales of the product.

The project is Raw Power PicoGenerator which has 3 or more options of power source.

1. Hydro (water fall) – Pilot
2. Watermill (river flow) – Longhouses along Sangan River
3. Wind – Asajaya
4. Ceiling vent (Solar heat) – Asajaya

Guinea Pig of this product – WCS Implementation at  Bt. Kana Discovery Center

Interested, please email to rawpower(a)kuchingfest.com