Handphone Hoax turning crazy

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I have just heard from my housemate Doctor that her friend down at A&E has lodged 9 cases of epilepsy death yesterday in Kuching A&E due to the “Red Number” calls on their handphone. What a hoax. I have just MSN my friend at the register and there were no death reported.

My registrar friend is now really pissed with the A&E staff for creating such type of story. He is going to fire the Doctor if he gets to find out who is that. He also received calls from Indonesia showing up as red incoming call. I would seriously doubt that the indonesian witch will pay do much just to try out some of their tricks on people in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Phillippines and Thailand.

Secondly, this kind of warning SMS is only gonna benefit the telcos cause if average users has 1000 phone numbers in the address book, it means that the telco has earned RM 150 from one user and if that is broadcast out again, it means that the telco is rich.

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