Letter to PM? Discriminations to Sabah and Sarawak and senior citizen


Checking on the web site I have found out that All Sabahan under the telephone area code 088 and 089 are unable to key in their contact number completely. And if your age is above 85, you cannot write.

All fields are checked and I doubt that the system will actually send the response to PM himself. All posting are not transparent and there doesn’t seems to be a listing of what has been posted to the site. I would think that most of the posting would be some sort of scorn against the PM.

If a web site is endorsed by so many people, and department, why has it been such a simple page and the site has absolutely no essence whatsoever?!? Can the public see the complete listing of the ‘warkah’ posted? Was there a database or was that just a flat file that is evergrowing everyday?