What if

During some talks with some prominent figures, it hits me to think what if Malaysia is lead by a Chinese or Indian leader? I am not a racist or anything. I am just thinking of the fact as shown when one Malay prominent political figure (from UMNO) ask me that question recently during a discussion at a resort.

If Malaysia is lead by a Chinese leader, we could be much better off than now. Lets compare the two places in contrast; the fact has proven that a chinese leader will achieved more than the malay. We can see any states that is lead by Chinese is much better off till late. Take Singapore for instance, eventhough its a small island, it grow to the extreme and the income for the people there is much better than those of Sarawak. Both Sarawak and Singapore join Malaysia at the same time. Eventhough there was the promise of development by the federal, we can see a slow grow. As for Singapore, it has grown into a metropolis and come on, lets face it, Its much developed than Sarawak. Maybe you would say that Sarawak has a vast land and so on, wealth facts that link to vast land are the products and Singapore only baton in hands is trading.


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