Construction Cost in Malaysia – Bridges

Since I’m having my regular dosage of diarrhoea tonight, as I sat in the lou and play with google search engines on my handphone, I’ve decided to search for the cost of bridges in Malaysia.

Taking the same period of 2004, I manage to find out that cost of bridges in Malaysia is at least for 125M in length is a daunting RM 2.45 Million; RM 19,600.00 per meter run (pedestrial bridge only) whereas in USA, its around USD 332,000 which is around RM 1.27 Million; RM 8,945 per meter run (double lane carriageway)

I start to wonder why it cost twice as much here to build one? May be the new ACA should look into bridge construction and compare it to country say Vietnam or Cambodia where the skills is less locally and material to construct is not available locally in the country. As far as Malaysia is concerned, All the material is available at cost locally.

ref: – USA – Malaysia