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stupid rescuer

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Was looking at RTM1 live coverage of a school lab fire dril. Poor victim. The rescuer ought to be shot for letting the victim to die of suffocation. Please give the poor fella some oxygen before you go and check … Continue reading

The Police

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Police is the one who is supposed to enforce the law. This is the fact. Yet, my personal experiences earlier was not so. Clearly someone without a work permit from the council should not be digging up roads for laying … Continue reading

TM User Group

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I am forming a TM User Group for round 2. The first TM user group as carried out by Michael Lai prior to his exit from TM Net has been iced since his exit. I felt that the user should … Continue reading

coming through

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The prediction by Malaysian Brain that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be arrested within the 24 hours time frame of the debate has come thru. *** Reader Discretion is advised.

Irony commentary by Bernama TV

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Following the debate between the Anwar and the information minister, what I felt is that one of the commenter is really shallow. Probably, in his mind, he is trying to undermind the symnosis given during the debate. **** Viewer discretion … Continue reading