How TM Manager works

This is how TM Manager works at 1500 in the afternoon.

Me: “I’ve Emailed you to request for a meeting tomorrow morning at 11am”

Him: “Sorry Mr. Wong. I am outside right now. I’ll be back in the office later in the evening. I may have other meeting tomorrow morning. Let me get back to you before 4pm. ”

Time stamp: 15:18

Will check back at 1600 to update whether this geek manager who is sitting in some kopitiam chatting with some Malay lady on something of “biru” and “kuning” right now can do something. ** from the background noise of the phone calls there are someone ordering Teh C Peng **

** Update Its now 9am the next day and there is no reply from this manager. Instead, one of his girl has been calling me to check on the change of the DSLAM performance on and off.

Phone call received after 10am. Meeting to confirm next week. I will invite the press.