The Police

Police is the one who is supposed to enforce the law. This is the fact. Yet, my personal experiences earlier was not so. Clearly someone without a work permit from the council should not be digging up roads for laying pipes. Yet when the police was called, they did not carry out their job by asking the contractor to stop work. The two officer also contravened the Police Act as I have read through earlier as they did not stop the instrument of making noise in public places as dictated in the Police Act.

With the recent revelations of Datuk Seri Anwar’s situation, I have only two things to say about the Police. They are not treating everyone as equal. If they cannot answer to a call of emergency I made through the dispatch, yet they are so competent in apprehending someone based on a pure allegation. This is the two fact of what the Police has done. I am not against the Police arresting Datuk Seri Anwar. They have their reason beit politically motivated or not, does not interest me. But rather just comparing the quality of service rendered by the police to the two cases. Secondly, the word of the Police doesn’t mean anything at all. They have given Datuk Seri until 2pm yet they apprehended him 50 minutes earlier than the lapse of time given. The last time I called for help when there is someone breaking into my vacant neighbour’s house, it took the police 1 hour and 20 Minutes to reach the location. After the fifth calls, the Police officer told me that all my earlier calls were not registered. Please note that the nearest Police station from the place of incident is 1.3 KM on a straight road from the exit of the Police Station.

The other thing about the Police is that they practice double standards. If I am some Politician, anything I say will be carried out. Yet if I am just a commoner, they will ignored my call for help.  One incident at a public places where I was in the midst of an entourage. Some comotion went on and there were two officer standing there doing nothing while someone was trying to stop a snatch thief from running away. Cool. I told the Police officers to help apprehending the culprit. “Padam Muka dia” is what he replied. When the VIP in my entourage who is a local political figure heard about it, he asked them to arrest the culprit. Only when they realised that there is a VIP around, then they started to carry out their work. I have convey this grievances to the Tatatertib officer in Kuching HQ and to date, there is nothing coming out of it.

Lastly, I would like to say that the Police is just one of the many enforcement arms of the law. They cannot determine who is guilty and who is not as this can only be done in the power of the court of Law. The Police has a law governing it and I would surely concur that most of the Policemen that I have came across does not abide by this act. Finally, If you have an emergency, calling 999 is futile. They will asked you to dial 103 for the local police station number. So, please get your Police’s number before you move into an area, you never know when you are going to need it.

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