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I am forming a TM User Group for round 2. The first TM user group as carried out by Michael Lai prior to his exit from TM Net has been iced since his exit. I felt that the user should know the inside of the TM operation and with my recent encounter with TM, I have managed to secure a communication channel with their CSM Manager to properly address any technical issues with them directly. In order to share this communication channel, I have with their permission, to reactivate and restart the formation of the TM User Group.

To see this happen, I am going to start it off from my home state here in Sarawak. In the next six months time, and if God is willing, the new user group will be formed and will hold office.

New here is the beef. This group is not a group form by TM as compared to the first TM user group. This group will have a proper communication channel to CSM as assured by the CSM Manager during a discussion. Here is a call for forming the pro-tem committee for the user group. If you are interested please sms me your email address to or sms me your email address to 0198886577.

Also I have put in place a new forum for the TM User Group.

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