Month: September 2008

  • The Future (2)

    What will happen tomorrow? Will Abdullah hand over his premiership to Najib? Will our currency policy change? Many unsettling claims that Abdullah has forced the drop in petrol yesterday as the last thing he do in pleasing the people and the second man may have not agreed with this move. The money policy now is […]

  • Murugiah’s Action Not Right – Syed Hamid ::

    Murugiah’s Action Not Right – Syed Hamid :: eh! eh!, He is doing his job as the one in-charge of public complaints. Since there is a complaint, it is his job to make sure that the complaint is legitimate. That has nothing to do with speaking for the opposition. Is he telling all the […]

  • The future

    with the fuel price rocketing high yesterday on the largest single day increase, I could only say that the future will be a tough one. what I can see are followed by a lot of uncertainty. I was having lunch with the runner up of CEO of the year over the week end and this […]

  • Who knock humpty dumpty down the wall?

    Someone knocked the dumpty dumpty down the wall. I am sure it is not the opposition in wanting to take over the government, I am sure it is not the reminsers in the exchange floors. What I see today are the desperate bid made by the investors to rebound the market. This bid thought limite […]

  • Threaten? and Threat

    I believed that Malaysian are in this dilemma. If you felt threaten and tell it to the world, you are threatening someone in doing that. ** Disclaimer: Personal View. Reader discretion is advised