The future

with the fuel price rocketing high yesterday on the largest single day increase, I could only say that the future will be a tough one.

what I can see are followed by a lot of uncertainty. I was having lunch with the runner up of CEO of the year over the week end and this is what both of us has agreed upon; that the Government is bleeding money since the change of hands from Tun to Abdullah. There were two song being sang right now here in Malaysia, One os the song of struggling. No matter how much Abdullah is denying in the limelight, anyone who has an intelligent mind would know that he and his troops are struggling. Thus came all the ISA, Study tour, ops here and ops there… Sometimes I think the Government should give the benefit of a doubt to the public by not undermining the public. The politicians are used to think that what they say is ‘right’, but bare in mind that they are only there because of their smart forefathers. Abdullah was there because of his father, Hishamuddin is there because of his father, Najib was there because of his father… and many more……..

I am not saying that they are not smart as some of the politician are really smart people. My point here is that they are where they are because of their father. Abdullah himself, being the current prime minsiter, is the first Chinese immigrant descendant to rule the country. Originally from China, his grandfather was a chinese immigrant who has landed in Penang.

that is why I am wondering why he would bash so hard of AhMad IsMail‘s speech on chinese immigrant. My sources inside UMNO has told me that Abdullah wanted to nailed Ahmad out of the team. However due to the fact that the team are mainly Malays and that he doesn’t want to lose any more seats to the chase game, he has resorted to suspend Ahmad’s membership for the three years period.

malaysian brains, an anonymous think tank has also told me a piece of news that most of the state governments in Malaysia, including those who went to the press and shout “We are alright” are in fact not alright financially. 12 states has run out of money to pay for their staff’s salary this month and majority of them are in deficit.

a recent beef with one my local council has heard the wining and much to my shocking fact that their operation are in big problem due to lack of money to carry out work. Even distribution of bins to a remote property cannot be carried out due to the fact that there are no money to pay for the transport from the supplier store to the seashore town. I have to collect the bin and drive 63 KM to and fro, just to put the bin there for use.

the lack of HRDF fund has also affected the education sector where several private labs for industrial training in for University students has to be closed.

the price of all goods has increase and I do see another round for daily product to have another round of price hike is really forthcoming.  The promise of fuel price decrease has been squashed following the bull run.

on the other politic chauns, Anwar, being the noise maker has claimed that he has this and that in his hand, I must say, he is much better than Abdullah in this political game. Though there are many change of dates announced, his is bumping to walls and this walls is called Abdullah who doesn’t play alone. I can see that Anwar is not in a hurry to take over but he is ready to take over.

So, what’s the future? A lot of certainty and very little opportunity for the politician’s businesses to make money as the government fund is bleeded, the fuel price might increase next week and there will be more and more charade to show by both camps of the politicians. I just hoped that people can still survive this round of social crush.

** Disclaimer: Personal View. Reader discretion is advised.