The Gingerbread House?

Ok, fine, Its X’mas everyday…. Anyway I have bought several items from this outlet just for filling my stomach for lunch.

First impression of this place doesn’t give much of a thought. However, the attitude of the junior owner, Karen, upon entering, doesn’t give me not much of a choice but to loitering around until the senior owner, John, noticed that someone has been “lepaking” for some pies. The placing of the pastry were not categorical and its quite a mix. Buns are next to tart and next to the tart, its another type of buns. There are no indication on whether the buns are vegetarian or carnivore. The sr, Mr. Chai, was some what with a familiar face. Anyway since, I have been dealing with more than ten thousands people around nowadays, I just couldn’t remember all of them that well.

The chocolaty decor was not quote I have in mind of a gingerbread house, or rather a brownies house to my liking. Anyway, here are the two types of pie which I had

Apple Pie.

The taste is nice, however, the apple used is a bit odd. I am not particularly like the idea of using McINTOSH for pie. Overall, the taste is moderate on the sweet side. score 7/10

Mushroom chicken pie. (yum yum my favourite since 1999)

It doesn’t have the look, nor the aroma that I expected. The chicken, ehem ehem…..  is much more on the saltier side. score 3/10

The other item which I don’t have the picture of is a donuts stuffed with curry. The curry is fine, but still saltier, the coconut husk sprinkled are a bit rough. score 7/10

Anyway, Karen, if you are reading this, There are still a lot of ways to improve your pie by going easier on the salt.

Love the decor, love the theme. score 9.5/10



Ground Floor, Lot 3019, Block 10, KCLD, Bormill Commercial Centre,
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
93150 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
tel 082-259369.

One response to “The Gingerbread House?”

  1. Is that a mini pie? if so, any bakery can do that. and some sells nice one.
    why not make a big apple pie and sell by piece, like in the movie “The Waitress”? awesome creative pie-making movie!
    anyway, maybe i shd try huh.