This is Malay-gish web site of Mampu.

Extract from NRD Web Site

  1. What is NRD’s website?

    NRD website is abbreviation to official web National Registration Department. NRD website make major world to information and national registration department service through Internet.

  2. Why this website been created?

    Latterly, information and service majority National Registration Department has been prepared by online and NRD website been created to provide convenience to the public find information and service that are provided.

  3. Whom were allowed surf and use this website ?

    Generally, this website could be achieved by all society. However, there were some information and service that need registration.

  4. What is privacy policy for this website? Am I been recorded or not?

    All access and your use up on this website shall not be recorded. To further information, please visit to ‘Privacy Policy And Safety Policy’ in bottom of each page.
  5. What method for I contact National Registration Department?

    You can contact us:-
    Public Relations Office
    Tel: 03-8880 8206 / 7071 / 7077 / 7067 / 7069
    Fax: 03-8880 8288 atau
  6. How should I sent my feedback to Goverment Agencies?

    You can fill form in the division “Public Complaint System ” In NRD website. It would be channelled to the divisions relating.