fermented vs rotten

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When coming to choose food, one will ways take the good ones rather than those with profound smells. However, when one has only two choices in hand to choose between fermented and rotten, 99.9% will jump into the fermented pool and start chowing down. Even though they knew that too much fermented good will cause bad health.

We have two cooks here in the country. One always produce fermented food while the other always produced rotten one. the one producing the rotten food has been seen lately to sell his food as fermented or even good food. The people who consume food, has of late learned and been more educated than previous consumers. What has come to this is because of the previous cook who cook good food but was too spicy to most people has retired due to bad businesses as people are sick and tired of spicy food, and that people are now being more health conscious, started to choose the seller of the fermented food rather than the rotten one. However, this cook still think that people is buying his food and still would consider the buyer ignorant about him selling the rotten food to the buyer.

The next time this trade is going to go on, I could predict that the businesses at the fermented food stall will be much better than the one selling the rotten ones. Probably this may cause the change of the market direction in these food selling and hopefully, a new and good cook can come out in the next trade.

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