insulting the sultanas?

I was having my my regular box of my favourite sultanas raisins over the weekend, which co-incite with the cases of several bloggers writing insulting remarks on the Sultans; having stroll through the supermarket near my house for my refill of sultanas.

Upon getting to my relative’s place nearby, I opened the box of sultanas and screamed “Crap Sultanas” This box that cost me RM 6.20 is bad and stinking.

My relative slipping through the morning paper and said to me: “Be careful with that remarks! You might be sued for insulting the Sultans.”

I went like “Oops! But I was referring to this box of raisins which has gone bad.”

Much to my relief, I went back to the shop where I bought the Sultanas and they agreed to exchange for a new box (to be arriving in a week time) for me. Didn’t realised that the box has expired in 2007. I am wondering who left the sultanas on the shelf and let them expired, yet still do not want to take it down from the shelf until this poor being accidentally swallow one and ended up having bad stomach for a night?

Will be another week before I can get the replacement. Wonder if I can get another box from another supermarket that doesn’t stink?

Disclaimer: All but one sultanas was eaten and insulted in this incident and no Sultan was insulted by my remarks as it is meant for that one little stinking raisins in my mouth that day. I still love sultanas. Don’t know any Sultan in particular so cannot comment on the Sultan part.  ***Reader discretion is advised.***