one two three four five sick.

you can call it Influenza type A (H1N1) or anything else. it is climbing the ladder towards the blow to the health of human being and also to be the fastest ever spread of a virus in the world. friends of mine has started to get worried that he won’t be able to make it back to Malaysia as things is getting from bad to almost freak out when the warning level has been raised to level 6. As I recalled, the last out-break was SARS and the highest it has ever reached is Level 4. What causes the Level 5 and now Level 6 Advisory Warning? I would think it has got something to do with all the super power in the world.

On the local note, I sincerely think that the overreaction by our Health Minister is overrated. If there is no virus… Oh well, why there is the need of such press conference? I also noticed that there are no MD appearing during the press conference cause all I can see are politician. This worries me. Is the politician covering up something or is the medical faculty is in contented to endorse what the politician wanted to say? The last out-break, though the press conference was chaired by the then Health minister (Who happened to have a medical degree), he didn’t give the medical explanation. Rather, he asked the head of medical practitioners to present their report. This round that I can see is all politician talking. Is politician in the better know of the pandemic or are they trying to hide something that they do not want the medical faculty to announce?