Breakfast story…

Bishopgates Heng Kee, is well known for the “Cheng” with Mee Kosong. Went there to satisfy my hunger and met with this “unfortunate” event.

I was sitting down waiting for my noodle to be served. Came this old lady who is the mother of the one running the business.
since I am the only one on the table and it is well known that ppl there share table, I let the old lady sit.

While cooling down my chinese tea peng all by my self (see pic in prev post and u know why) this old lady is complaining that my way of cooling is too slow

When I was almost done with cooling the tea, she asked me for the remaining cup of tea leaves. Since I have no use of it, I gave it to her.

Came her daughter, hitting her hand and ridiculed her of disturbing the customer… my oh my… that’s not a way to treat an old lady who is in her 80s. Pitying her over the treatment given I quickly hasten my food when it is served. I also pay for the old lady’s drink which the grandson take for her and leave.

I have been dining there for many years. I live the food. but if this is the way they treat the elderly, they could lose this customer very soon.