the intelligence of DPM

My Dear Right and Honourable DPM,

A life has been lost. There is nothing political about losing a life. the most precious thing on this earth is not the money in your pocket, the position you have in stored, but is the lives around us.

I wouldn’t think that the Pakatan people is diverting their attention from the investigation as the investigation will still goes on, it is only that the turn of events – The death of Teoh Beng Hock has overshadowed the investigation.

I am sure the investigation will come back after the mourning with all the strike back from the Pakatan people over the death. The politicking will continue then. Now is the time to mourn and please show some respect to the death of a human life.

Thank you.

Pakatan playing politics, says DPM

via NST Online Pakatan playing politics, says DPM.