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Many things of late has happened. one for my reassignment, and one for my DRS which I wish to finish by December. In fact, 2009 has not been a good year for me. I started 2009 with a serious case of anosmia, followed by a series of unfortunate event. First of which is the flood at my house, followed by the problem at work where things that we hoped for was washed away by some meaner eays. I have also tried to cope with these. Moving on, I was sick again with a serious backache which brings me back to my physiotherapy and then, came the unfortunate event at work where I was put in the line of fire. This is followed by some unfortunate events where my parents were first conned and then, on another incident, nearly lost the family house. Something took a turn just slightly prior to that where I have submitted my dissertation and was informed right before Gawai that my dissertation was accepted… I was reassigned in work when my superior left and this is when I have decided to start another research dissertation. In the midst of this, I was in discussion with my main sponsor and it was at around the same time, they pull out of my dissertation. On the same evening, that I was informed of their retraction, my house nearly burnt. Following which, I was then met with two more health problem, one being my back pain and the other was that I slip and fall and hurt my arm which is now still under pain killer. I may have missed several other in listing but these events has caused me to rethink of the turning of the tantrum. I do wish that I can go on with my third PhD. But now I rethink that maybe it was not the right time since I cannot afford it and that my unforthcoming promotion as promised by the company was differed again.

I’m going to turn a lot of things now. Firstly, I am going to slow down my momentum. An unappreciative superior could only be showing his own inefficiency and that itself could not be contributed to the displacement of the trust of his subordinate. It is this comment from them that I am  transfering my two apprentices to my fellow professor in my fellowship. I am going to email them on the transfer later tomorrow. I am lessening my burdens now one by one. Postponing my PhD meaning that I will be holding on to the DRS title a little while longer so that I can find myself in continuing it. It was not that I am not appreciating their effort in helping out on my dissertation. I would not allow them to ride the wagon because I would not want a dissertation be shared among three person of different disiplines. What I am hoping now is to get things to work better. I want things to work slowly and work efficiently.

Someone told me that I am stuck here long enough. I hoped that is not the case. I wish someone would recognised my achievement without cost.

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