Knowing me inside out

It wasn’t until I was hospitalised and tied to a machine to realise that life in restriction is kinda sucks. The Saturday of 3 Oct I was driving a full loads of people in the car to run some errand, While queueing at a traffic light, I have an experience that is first in my life. I blackout!. I remember feeling a jolt and I stood up (after unbuckled and put the car on brake. my sensory came back with the driver of the yellow pick-up truck I’ve just hit standing right beside me. I was disoriented, I was confused, I apologised and didn’t realised what had happened. Drove off the car en route to pick up something, I stopped by a clinic and gave the doctor what I’ve encountered.

The good doc referred me to Hospital and I was admitted to HDU for observation. Reason, suspected TIA. Oh My GOD! TIA? That only happen to people age 40+. I surely don’t have TIA. 48 hours after they hooked me up with the machine I was like… Oh.. this is torturing. I was supposed to go exercising that morning after running an errand. I lasted 48 hours before I started to complain to the nurses that I am bored and I would DAMA if there is nothing being done.

During admission I was tested for my blood, CXR, followed by a CT scan. All result came out normal. On Monday morning, I was scheduled with an early morning blood test for HbA1c & TSH. This is followed by an EEG on my brain, a visit to the ENT, Hearing test, An MRI, High contrast CTA. I was back to the HDU and was hooked back to the machine again. The good doctor moved me to the normal ward after most of my test result showed that I have a good health but two of the test. One being the TSH which shows that I have a lot of LDL but not to the alarming level. Just on the high side. I was put on medications. One of the CTA Scan came up with poor image and I have to retake the same scan again the last day which I did and when the test shown that there is no problem with the vessel, I was allowed to go home. Only with one last test on Sunday night when I have to go back for PSG – aka sleep study. I am not sure of the result as I haven’t get any feedback from the doctor yet. Trying to call the doctor as I am blogging now.

The whole episode made me wonder, how can I neglect health that much? Now that I know what’s my TSH level and how thick my blood is, I am taking care of myself by taking more “investment” as the good doc has said it. However, I think the residual effect from the dye they injected into me for the CTA starts to surface. As expected, symptom of the reaction started to surface. I have rashes all over my body, I felt itchy all over, my head is spinning when the lighting level change and I have my migraine back momentarily. This is all stated in the disclaimer that I have signed when I lied down on the MSCT machine before they started to inject me with the colourful dye.

One part that I felt I need to share is that Don’t ever get yourself into situation that you end up in HDU like me. They poked you in four places and put two Intravenous in both hands. That is painful! My hand still bruised until now and I lost strength to one of my hand until now.

Overall, there is one thing that made me felt good is that most of the nurses said I am not 36 years old. They all said that I looked like I am only 24. But excused me. I don’t think 24 years old can get PhD that easily.

Making my way out of the HDU, I heard the nurses said to me “Hoped not to see you again in here”. I know they meant good for me as they don’t want me to become their customer again. One very helpful nurse told me that most of the people in that place usually ended up in body bag as that hospital has ICU and HDU combined. I hoped one day I can bring them a basket full of goodies cause I know I wasn’t a good boy when I was in HDU as I am always awake and when I felt bored, I complain a lot.

Now that I am out, one thing that the good doc written on my discharge sheet is that “holy ****! I was advised not to drive for 6 months. I gave a copy of that to my office and I think they didn’t take it easily.

What I want to do next is to get myself a bicycle and start exercising. I need to keep my blood bloody flowing else I may end up in hospital again!.

HDU – High Dependency Unit
TIA – Transient Ischaemic Attack
DAMA – Discharged Against Medical Advise
CT – Computed Tomography
CXR – Chest X-Ray
HbA1c – Haemogrobin A1C
TSH – Thyroid-stimulating hormone
EEG – Electroencephalography
ENT – Ear, Nose & Throat
MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CTA – Computed Tomography – Angiography
LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein
ICU – Intensive Care Unit
PSG – Polysomnography