The Degrading Laodicea Experience

The intended target of this blog is the fellow “saints” of the church.

Many things has happened to me lately. Giving me a new experience of Christ this year. Yes, I still love the Lord. Yes, I still believed in him. However, I have lost faith in the church which my grand-uncle has founded. I have seven misfortunes this year.

1. Flood at my house,
2. Mother was cheated by a con-man
3. Problem at job
4. Problem with Banks
5. Fire which almost made me homeless
6. Hospitalised in ICU
7. Lost all of my important Computer things over night when my house was broken into!

Of all the 7 mishaps, all or most were known by the fellow “saints” in the church. It seems that no one from the church even care about what had happened to me. It seems as if the church has lost its love towards its fellow members. No one pay me a visit, or even close to concern about things here. Not even a single phone call! I was utterly disappointed with the way the “saints” is treating others. To me, now, most of the people from the church is not fit to be called “saints” any more. I felt like this church is mimicking the church in Laodicea without the love of the “saints”. I felt the lukewarmness of the “saints” everywhere doing their parts of being lukewarm. Even an ex-classmate of mine whom I have not met for 18 years cares more than the members of the church.

Even when I was hospitalised for almost a week, no one from the church visited me. I mean if you don’t like me personally, but for Christ sake, don’t you think you should show some of your love towards your fellow brother? Seven mishaps, almost zero care. Even when I was inside the ICU, I heard the news of a fellow church member who has passed away, I was surprised that most if not all of the “saints”, including one who was asked by that fellow member to be her will executor couldn’t even remember her name. Has the church really gone that cold? With all the high peak truth, the church has forego the brotherly love!

Of all these mishaps, I could only thank one brother from the church who extend his help to me recently fixing my windows’ grill on a day notice. The rest of the thanks of mine is towards those “gentile” friends who in this case, is more caring and more loving than the so-called “saints”. Also to David, Terence, Chris, Frankie, Rodger and LiHung, Thanks for caring, brothers and sister. I still care for the church but not to the lukewarmness of the church.

Unless the Lord has lead otherwise, I got the sign from God loud and clear that this church that I was born into is no longer the church of brotherly love. It is now the church of lukewarmness. This is the teaching of the Bible which asked the church of Laodicea to go back to the first love of God. Therefore, I shall not linger and will search beyond the limit of the boundary of this foundry for my Lord’s love and hoped that I can find his blessing soon.

Oh the joy of having nothing, being nothing, seeing nothing.