the #yorais phenomenon

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What started as a show of mixed role he played as the minister for both culture and communications turns out to be a PR nightmare for the Information minister.

For the very start, It is utterly uncomprehensible to have a minister in charge of information and communications to give that kind of comment.

as sighted on wikipedia this morning,

“On 17 January 2010, as Minister of Information, he warned Malaysians to be wary of the Internet as it was introduced by the West, saying “We are not saying they cannot use Facebook or Twitter, but when using such facilities, they must upkeep the values taught by Islam, Buddhism or Christianity to maintain our culture”. Unlike the mainstream media which is tightly controlled by the Malaysian government, the internet and blogosphere has allowed a wide range of criticism against it. [4]

In retaliation, Twitter users launched a flurry of tweets marked with a #yorais hashtag [5] (a parody of Yo Mamma jokes), pushing the topic at one point into the top three trending topics on Twitter.”

The anti-western comment make him the joke of the day(s). It doesn’t take a PhD to figure out that Twitter is just a communication tools cum website to deliver messages out, that is essentially the revolution of Internet itself whereby twitter and facebook allows the sharing of ideas and knowledge in a duplex way as compare to the simplicity of Web, thereby been dubbed as web 2.0.

Web 1.0 is a tools that the BN took years to adopt, falling behind all the context element of web 2.0 While in web 1.0, information is meant for publication only, the simplex flow of information is what the propagandist would Love to use. However, evolution of technology has caught up with these trend, came the six years old web 2.0 which by now is a matured and proper platform for information disseminations, which sharing of one thoughts has been the trend of the world globally.

I would questioned the assimilation ability of our Information minister, in whether he would understand the evolution of web from simple html page to web 1.0, now web 2.0 and moving forward to Semantic Web. As a minister himself, I would asked him to go back to his old days of dissertations when information disseminations is crucial in determining the content to be added to the dissertations. Being the minister of information himself, he would have better know or be in the know of this web evolutions. Academically, his comment on the value of major religion in Malaysia against the evolution of the web has shown that he is not capable of discerning the irrelevancy of the two thereby asserting the two in contrast in his speech.

As a fellow scholars in fellowship, and an associate professor in fellowship in methodology and change, I would seriously consider the publicity of such act whereby he stepped out of his realm of knowledge. Implicate & diminicise an element of evolution of web in information and communications has shown the lack of understanding in the subject matters, the evolution as we can see it happened all the time.

For example, we are not in the time where a car has 5 wheels a speedometer and a rotary fan, cars now has all sort of gadgetries such as Air-conditioner, DVD Player, LCD TV, powered windows and tinted glass display. To the note of that, there are more than what our eyes can see, if you are using a Kompressor engine, the evolution of the combustion engine brought in by technology advancement, making it more powerful, fuel economical, and still able to work even if you put an armour piercing bullet through it. The evolution of motor oil itself is enough to wow some people. Latest fully synthetic motor oil can be drained totally and still work. The metal bonding and ionising bond technology is what keeping the motor working even if there is total drained of the motor oil.

These information can be obtained form the internet through the web. Most of the latest information are from web 2.0 platform.

It is the same as to the evolution of web. When web started it was only “world wide web” in CERN’s lab. the evolution path from that page until Rais Yatim’s Wikipedia page is a journey of many scholars, technologist, users and the conglomerate of all the knowledge of these peoples including the creator of the article and the users updating it.

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