I laugh my socks off on this

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s official website ‘My-Malaysia-Muhyiddin Yassin untuk Malaysia,’ launched on Saturday, has received over 7,000 visitors as of 11pm Monday.

According to the website, this showed that the people were willing to interact, give views and receive feedback from Muhyiddin who is also Education Minister.

The website which contained social activities, video gallery, speeches and links to major government websites can be accessed via www.my-malaysia.com.my.


7000 Visitors? Registered with their info? 7000 hits? 7000 page impression? I have myown blog and my daily hits and page impression exceeded 10k.

What sort of interaction that the Bernama News claimed to have on the site? Maklumbalas? banci? that’s all? What about user commentary? Whoever did this for him does not understand the word “interaction” at all. There is no live chat, there is no responds from the respondant and there is sure enough no Interactiveness on the site.

Speaking as a Web 2.0 Advocate, I do not concur with the media claims of the so called “success” of the web site.

**Disclaimer: This blog is personal comment on personal merit of the writer as Web 2.0 Advocate and is not political in nature. Reader discretion is advised.

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