Mocha! Mocha! Mocha!

Dear Salleh of StarbucksMY,

This is the different in Mocha from Singapore and from Malaysia.

1. SGP – when you sip, you can taste a good mix of the coffee and chocolate. MY – You have coffee and chocolate taste almost separate in layers.
2. SGP – Mocha doesn’t have powdery sensation on the tongue. MY – Mocha seems to be powdery or at least the last bit of the chocolate at the bottom.
3. SGP – Sugar level seems to be moderate. MY – Overdose of sweetness kind of kill the enjoyment of the Mocha
4. SGP – Don’t feel thirsty after finishing the drink. MY – Always need to ask Carol for a cup of plain water when I finishes off my Mocha.

Even tough Ipoh Town Cafe uses Milo as their chocolate, The blend of their coffee and the chocolate seems to be better and surprisingly, you can see the powdery Milo but you don’t have the powdery sensation. As for Bing! coffee, Their Mocha has a better blended mix between the Chocolate and Coffee though their coffee was not as aromatic as Starbucks and most of the time, they are too heavy on their sugar which I usually ask to half the sugar level at Bing!

The art of Mocha is in the blend and mix. If it is done right, It will taste right.

I am sure it was not Carol’s fault. she is my fav baritas of all. I have also taken Starbucks Mocha from other branch in Kuching and in JB and KL, all of Malaysian Starbucks’ mocha are alike and differs from Singapore. Your consistency seems to be in place but not the blend.

The other thing is about the price even though I am not really complaining. At Starbucks, the Mocha will set me back RM 15.20, while in Ipoh Town Cafe, its RM 3.20 and in Bing! its RM 8.10 after membership discount. I don’t mind paying RM 15.20 for a cup of Mocha. However, if it is inferior to a RM 3.20 cup from somewhere else, I would think for options. Would be good if Starbucks can give out loyalty discount of sort to regular customers.

I used to have several of the tumblers but was all stolen when my house was buglarised in Dec 2009. Kinda miss them which was brought back from Australia and USA. Tumbler here seems more expensive and lesser of quality as compared to what I used to have. I miss my Starbucks New York tumbler.