TM and Their oblivion of OKU Packages.

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I was baffled by the way TM treated an OKU recently.

My friend, Peter has his OKU application filed at TM Point. The TM Point near his place was not OKU friendly and there is no provision of access for OKU! Needless to say those useless bastards who park their cars at OKU designated parking lot, and some of those lame premises who block OKU designated parking by inconvenienced them with getting someone to unlock the barricade to the parking lot.

Much to my dismay, OKU application which supposed to be given a priority was not acted upon. And worst of all, TM Lost the applicant’s documents. They have asked the OKU to go back to their TM Point to resubmit the application again! Poor Pete.

The Corporate Social Responsibility claims of TM on OKU offers are not only OKU friendly! Their first condition has shown that they are not serious in helping the OKU. Making Pete going back twice and maybe the third time is the proof that they are totally oblivion on handling OKU and their special needs.

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