#MyConstiKCH event dd. 10 April 2010 (2012)

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Enticed by @Syahredzan from twitter, I made myself available to the event whereby @Myremi, @bongkersz and I sat through the workshop to learn more about constitution and the basis of forming a constitution of a state and for a particular pseudo-during state.

The basis of the workshop conducted by @edmundbon rides on the part where fundamental needs of a states as derived from the needs of the constituents was put together to form the basic law of the state. It was during the first module where we were told to select 6 out of 25 people to bring them over to the new earth 2.0.

I was particularly interested in the selection of the people whereby from evolution and basic needs stance that drawn the basis for the selection criteria. Most of which out of the 7 groups has common general consensus on what kind of current professions and most of the decisions was made based on the scope and perspective of the constitution of the people from the group.

I was more particularly interested in the group called Zeus, which is consist of mainly those from the legal profession; as I can see their first priority on earth 2.0 was on the stance of law and order. The generational considerations of their selection criteria was weigh on the need of law and order in new earth and not of the basic needs. I would be particularly interest to know the background of these groups which is mainly second generation of the upper class of the demographics whereby survival consciousness is very lack from them. They have also make the assumption that the new earth 2.0 will work on the same law of nature as the current earth.

One other observation was on the fact that most of the group has chosen the special package of 3 in 1 options out of the 25 where you have a mother with two youngsters. However, Only two groups consider the numbering game whereby they choose more female over male. Most of the group still have put into consideration of the morale value into consideration and not by the rules of evolution.

In Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Manuscripts, “Adam & Eve Plot” the rule of morale if face with the needs to survive, has to be put aside. Being saying that, The choice will have to be more female regardless of their choices and sexual orientation is needed to repopulate the earth. The genome pool has to be rebuilt and certain wants has to be set aside for the greater needs. This is followed by the needs for survival and the transfer of general Knowledge. The need of cultural and races’ inheritances is far from primary choice of the selection criteria.

Onto the second module, The choices will be for the consideration of the six and their need for a basic commandments over in the new Earth 2.0. The 10 commandments, as I take it, is very much depending on the selection criteria and the reason behind selecting these people. With a twist that these needs should be based on our current needs, I took a look at Maslow’s writings. Maslow wrote that the needs of people progresses depends on their stature in the society. First thing is the basic needs, followed by a healthier and safer lifestyle and excelled that towards a carefree and worry-free lifestyle to a peak comfort level. These four are in the lower three layers of the Maslow hierarchy of needs. The tip of the pyramid is further broken into 3 level whereby the freedom followed by achievements and the pinnacle of the needs. However, in Maslow’s writing, there is also the mentioned of the Utopia state where all the needs and wants of the other six has been fulfilled. In considering to that, the Synopsis done on Maslow study by Chiakago Watanabe has addressed this state of Utopia from the other axis which is beyond the context in relates to the constitutional rules of law. In chiakago’s writing, The Utopia state has no law, no rules and perfect harmony, there is no wants and needs from the people as everything needed and wanted has pre-existed.

At the last part of the workshop, the drafting of the constitution of the newly formed pseudo-state was done in manner by which most if not all of the teams wrote from the purview of the law. However, If you read the sample of the constitutions given, it was read in the layman terminology on the basis of understanding from the commoner and not stride to the realm of the legal professions.

I take the 10 commandments from the books of Torah where Moses took them from Mount Sinai for the descendants of Abraham. These commandment are so basic that even little children could understand them. The basis of a constitutions of a state (even a pseudo-state) has to be understood by all of the constituents hence the people.

Dr. Pierce Wong PhD.

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