Month: October 2010

  • Brain drain… (part 1)

    I am back into blogging again.. I shall redo my blog very soon which has been long overdue. What kicks me back into blogging is hidden behind my silence since I was put on schedule that was sooo busy that I couldn’t find time to harps around for things to blog on. I am making […]

  • Left right and center

    This is to those who hasn’t known that I have left my previous employment, here it goes. And to some back stabbing ass hole who is ass wiping someone else but trying to discredit me. Yes! I have left SAINS/SNT. No, I was not sacked by SAINS, nor was I asked to leave. I left […]

  • Lemon! for cough…

    Good grief! being coughing like gila for an hour and a cup of lemonade makes my day.

  • The hour facebook took a break

    our infamous Facebook, took a leave of absence this afternoon, causing millions of users worldwide wondering what to do. Most of them who were bloggers went back blogging about facebook’s absence and some turned to other network such as Twitter, QQ and etc ranting about the absence of Facebook. It has becoming more of as […]

  • Facebook is kapoot!???!!!