The hour facebook took a break

our infamous Facebook, took a leave of absence this afternoon, causing millions of users worldwide wondering what to do. Most of them who were bloggers went back blogging about facebook’s absence and some turned to other network such as Twitter, QQ and etc ranting about the absence of Facebook.
It has becoming more of as a part of our life as much as some may deny it, but the reality itself is that some people and even some couple could not communicate without the use of Facebook.

The social impact that Facebook has on us has brought in much changes to or day-to-day life that unexpectedly, without it, life is somewhat crippled.

This could be part of our society in evolution, not that I am supporting the theory of evolution, but rather the facts of living on this age of communications whereby through the needs of Facebooking, a lot of business opportunities arises, i. e. Mobile Internet services, etc.

I do hoped that this down time will not impact much of the people around the world as much as what I am seeing in the last hour when Facebook went on vacation of sort.