Left right and center

This is to those who hasn’t known that I have left my previous employment, here it goes. And to some back stabbing ass hole who is ass wiping someone else but trying to discredit me.

Yes! I have left SAINS/SNT. No, I was not sacked by SAINS, nor was I asked to leave. I left on my own choice.  Opportunity has present itself for me to do what I can do – Social Media though reluctantly to leave.

I have met Mr. Teo of SAINS in August during a SAINS function in UNIMAS and we are still in good terms.  There is no need to speculate on my whereabout and what I have been doing. I am surviving.

During my exit interview with SAINS HR, I was asked for the reason why I want to leave, I stated some personal incidents at home and only thing that I was unhappy with SAINS is that I have been promised a job grade upgrade 7 times which was not honoured every of the 7 times thus far, but I still stayed on even though that has happened. There is also the problem of HRM in SAINS which I was not happy with. Though I have obtained my doctorate, SAINS, at the point of my resignation was still paying me the salary and grade  of a diploma holder, though in there stated  me as doctorate in change management.

I will not question my own loyalty towards SAINS as even after I have left, Some con-men not knowing that I have left, tried to use me and my name to trick SAINS into purchasing their obsolete IPR, on the first instance, I have informed and warned SAINS procurement on the possibility of such activities around. Heck, I was no longer with them. My friend asked me “why do you care?” Well, it is only right to warn them. I have been with them for almost 10 years and if not because of certain people is doing inside SAINS , I wouldn’t have left. I’d put my live in danger twice for SAINS in hostility situations that I didn’t even questioned the boss on his instructions.

I know there were a lot of backstabbing in any organisation. SAINS, is not spared from that. But I couldn’t care less about it. Now that someone questioned saying that I left SAINS because I am disloyal!.. So be it! I am loyal to SAINS until today eventhough I am getting my income from another source.

Although some people is now trying to get some information from me about SAINS of certain wrong doing, I will keep mum about it. For the 9 years and six months I was with SAINS. I will not sell out the company that had provided me. Eventhough I didn’t benefited for keeping quiet and quite a contrary if I expose them!

This is a matter of principles!

To Mr. Teo Tien Hiong

I would like to thank you for the 9 years and 6 months servicing under SAINS. You know where my loyalty is.