Brain drain… (part 1)

I am back into blogging again.. I shall redo my blog very soon which has been long overdue.

What kicks me back into blogging is hidden behind my silence since I was put on schedule that was sooo busy that I couldn’t find time to harps around for things to blog on.

I am making my effort to change my schedule again of late when my neurologist told me to change my sleep pattern back to a normal and healthy one. I was told to take up to 8 hours of sleep the least if not the nerve problem that send signal telling my body that the head is lack of oxygen will not be fixed and may be medical dependent for the rest of my life on sedatives.

Naturally, ever since I was 25, I was unable to sleep in day light unless I am sick or under sleep medications. Saying enough of that, I normally wakes up at 7:00am automatically even though I went to sleep at 5am.

Back to the subject of brain drain.

Personally, I felt that the local employers here is kind of “chicken” when someone with a doctorate wrote in to apply for a managerial job. I have seen this when a cousin of mine having PhD was trying to apply for job.

Well, that’s is nothing compares to what I’ve experienced myself when I got mine during the time I work for my ex-boss – an GLC of the state of Sarawak. I still don’t get it that they have even reluctant to accept the letter of conferment of my doctorate to my HR file and the letter has been left on the floor somewhere in the office until a “flood” came to destroy it.

Not that I am complaining then when that happened. I stood pride working for them and nor many have heard me ranting about until now.

With this type of treatment to people who have made it to this stage academically and by themselves, do you think that they will not try to seek work elsewhere where such “discriminations” does not exist?

“Discriminations” here is a hypothetical thought of mine that these managers of the GLC fear that their own academic qualification may not be able to match these sub-ordinates thereby using their own senior positions to ensure that academically capable people are not to be promoted fearing competitions for their safe position in the company without the competition…..

The other part of things here is Malaysia is the part of credits.

In other country, A post-graduate can get an employment contract without the clause of “probation”. In Malaysia, some people have been on probations even after 5-6 years.

When I took over the chair position of the fellowship, Three Malaysian post-graduates wrote in to the fellowship seeking placement service such as ABG and foundry. All of them are with GLC in Malaysia. They came to seek placement through EUC and if there is no endorsement for their paper, most of the placement service will not even consider their applications.

All of which have completed their Masters and published their paper in several scholars journal. None of them have any recommendation by fellow on any of their write-ups. Coming to the fellowship to seek chance for endorsement is one of their last resort. Though their write-up is in the field of business, most of them, as according to one of my mentors in the fellowship are not “materials worthy for masters”, Seeing this the University in Europe has asked them to attend a short evaluation course and assessment on their qualifications. Unfortunately, all of them have failed the assessment.

(end of part 1)