Brain drain (part 2)

As I have left some foundry running stray with my CV for the last 2+ years, I’ve recently have a revelation that putting the PhD in the line of resume will not result in any employment offer if you restrict the country to Malaysia only. I am beginning to wonder why Government has in the last budget and the one before, asked for funding to create 18K PhD holders where current PhD holders who has a resume in-circa does not even get a single job offer. Will there be a vacuum make later to allow the 18K people to fill once they obtained their doctorate?

I know that I these foundry might not be put my latest resume in, however, they did try to get an update from me from time-to-time and though their maintenance of my online resume profile does not show much help as they have failed to update a certain info in my resume to reflects current. I have pulled my  resume of late from the foundry. Holding 6 Dissertation of Post Masters, though they have not been updated regularly, I am getting ZERO offers whereby they foundry has match and submitted on my behalf to over 190 local outfits. This also translated to ZERO call for interview! I questioned some of the foundry on their claims of job placement which indeed they have failed, especially for high paying jobs.

I  do not know if the local politician or the ministry did any sort of analytical statistics on how  many PhD Jobs are been offered  currently, I am sure getting no way with a group of foundries making placement for me for offers with zero result. I would not doubt the ability of the foundries as I put my resume to one job site in Germany and within 24 hours, I got 8 offers. Also one in London and I was called for interview by 14 companies in 48 hours. The automated robot (used by one of the local job site) has put my resume into 14 local companies (including but not limited to GLC and large M’sia outfit) I get 4 KIV and 10 Unsuccessful on two portfolios. Most of the follow-up reasons has shown that they prefer to pay a lower salary to a freshies and train him/her to suit rather than getting one who can secure them a world class awards.

I would start another pet-project for a period of 1 week to siphon info about job offers and the salary. Let’s see how it goes. Shall update in part 3 of this.