It is all in the numbers

Oh well, The price of economy rice as I have tweeted yesterday, what used to be RM 2.50 is now RM 6.80. On the same day, the government has decided to hike the price of RON 97 bringing it to RM 2.15 which is around 2 cents above the converted rate of the price.

I was thinking of buying a friend lunch these couple of days as he has been super busy going about doing his job. The first time we met, he was my colleague when I returned from NZ. We used to challenge each other on amount of money we spent on lunch and see who can beat it lower. I’ve managed to get the price of lunch in Wisma Saberkas down to a RM 1.70 which can lasted me whole afternoon while my dear friend can managed the same with RM 1.60.

The day of Lunch at below RM2.00 was over. Though it has only been 10 years, the normal lunch in the same building has now increased to RM 4.70 for my options and RM 5.30 for my friend’s option!

Here in Sarawak, earning a wages of RM 3,000 a month is now below comparable to that who earned SGD 3,000 a month. In Singapore, most of the lunch that I can see in Kopitiam is still priced around SGD 4-6 with significantly large portion, calculated at per unit basis, what we are paying is more than that in Singapore. Bear in mind that Singapore needs to import their raw materials from neighbouring countries.

Cost of living against income ratio is now highest ever in Sarawak, though if you would to compare to places like New York or Amsterdam, we are still not as high as they are.

I have recently visited a small town – Sri Aman. To my surprise, the price of food there is even higher than that of Kuching.  Income per capita in Sri Aman is way lower than that in Kuching. Yet, they are paying more for less. There is a reason for that, that is everything essentials are transported there and cost of transportation inflated the price of goods there, though not amounting to those produces that is available locally.

I seriously do hoped that this move by the government to create high income per capita in Malaysia will not cause our economy to bloatly inflate as the current trend is indicating inflations and depreciation of currency….