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Singularity, Perceptions and Continuity

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There are many things that happened in the society, as the politician called them “projects” As a Project Manager for 20 years today, I couldn’t help to fathom the facts of mind on how these can come to work, received … Continue reading

What happened in Malaysia 2010?

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Ok! I am blunt again! Though still a cucumber from the prescribed Xanax after been psyched by child porn in Malaysia yesterday on Facebook! T’was the nigh of the end of years and I couldn’t help but to recap back on what … Continue reading

The Xmas that ain’t meant to be

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Xmas as we all knew it, has bene the time of the year where businesses thrived in trying the last bit to squeeze money out of their potential buyers. Though the history of Xmas was only dated back to the … Continue reading