The Xmas that ain’t meant to be

Xmas as we all knew it, has bene the time of the year where businesses thrived in trying the last bit to squeeze money out of their potential buyers.

Though the history of Xmas was only dated back to the time of Constantinople, It seems to try to relate the factors’ of people’s belief into money making opportunities. St. Nicholas, as we all knew so well, was a care giver. He made toys and give it to children as the time the religious belief thinks on the anniversary of the saviour’s birth.

One fact remains clear is that Xmas has got nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, better known as Jesus Christ. Though the saviour was born on a cloudless night, it would shown that Jesus was born on a summer night and not on the winter night.

The tell tale story of the sighting of a shining star During December Xmas time was only true after the year 1971 though I might be wrong about this as I wouldn’t find any references of such sighting available on Internet.

The running up towards Xmas this year round is somewhat …. Well I am lost of word for that. As predicted, this year is the year of Online Shopping and the most sought after purchase of the year is Information.

Wikileaks, as one of the great expose happening in the run-up, causes much hype and retaliation of their online supporters. The downing of outfit that supports the move by US Government to oppress Wikileaks causes the Xmas online shopping to come to almost a halt. With Mastercard, Visa, Paypal etc been attacked by hackers, Xmas this year is not as what have been anticipated.

I just hoped that the whole charade will be over this week so that business can resumed next week.