What happened in Malaysia 2010?

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Ok! I am blunt again! Though still a cucumber from the prescribed Xanax after been psyched by child porn in Malaysia yesterday on Facebook!

T’was the nigh of the end of years and I couldn’t help but to recap back on what has happened in Malaysia year 2010!

First of all, after jumping from an award winning company to a local media, I get a new perspective of looking at things right now….

My first take on 2010 is that My! Them idiots politician again! They are taking their wayward pissing contest to a whole new level. All in the holes and tong sampah were dug up and splat all across the once youthful, and man-of-the-year, talk-of-the-year, time-magazine-award-of-the year #fb a.k.a. Facebook and of course, twitter. In fact, I became active on twitter last year. Some of which are smart but I couldn’t help but to noticed some stupid ones. Which made me wonder why would the people elect these jokers and person-without-common-sense to our parliament?!?

Ok, here is how I see it on the two camps.. Firstly, the BN! What BN has done in 2010 is a showcase of “This is what we have done” and “This is what we have achieved” type of narcissism in epic proportion en masse! All the self-jive and self gratifications couldn’t be called upon as achieved as it was the work of the people behind the scenes that achieved it, not the ass-wiping politician. I mean ass here as in donkey, not the other  as these politician are seen stubborn on some of their non-common-sense stance most of the time. Often, they portrayed themselves positively as oxymoron saying something that contradicting themselves. Conclusion: oxymoron!

Move on to the opposition. My! Oh! My! Most of the time, taking to the task of showing how wrong what the BN has done! And what is their achievement? Their greatest achievements is promote what the BN has done! What a perfect system they have in proving how “wrong” BN is while at the same time, giving media coverage to BN showing the negative side of BN. Conclusion: oxymoron!

To me, both the politician fronts in Malaysia are just “oxymoron”.

My other take on the politicians here in Malaysia is that the people should demand the health medical reports of their MPs and YBs prior to the election! Though there will be exception case, it seems as if most of the people’s representatives are really in bad health physically. I do know that there are a few exceptional cases such as the Datuk who died in car accident, which I could accept as an act of God, but I think YBs and MPs should make sure that they are in good health  before going forward for nominations! There are way too many by-elections this year!

Now that the year of Oxymoron is coming to an end, I do hoped that the new year will be more productive than this year.  For BN, Please! Please! be more humble! And for the opposition, Please! Please! Do not put attention on BN too much! put more attention on your own!

One other thing I find it hard to swallow this end of the year is the patriotism of the people from both camps of politics. When Indonesia lost in the football match, their President came out with a message on the fairness of the game. They seems more unite when “Hate Malaysia” was made top of twitter trend. Though some of us have made the efforts to counter that , with only exception of a few good men from both side of the camp; a few here is below a hand-full; the rest of the politician are still seems bashing the rival camps on twitter/Facebook during the twitter assault by the mass of Indonesian on Malaysia. This is as if when the country are under “attack” and the politician is still concentrating on bashing out the opposite camp internally! literally! Really felt sad on the lack of patriotism among the politician, though no punt meant for those few who did defend the “maruah” of our nation on twitter.

Come the end, Have a belated happy Hanukkah, Merry X’mas, and adiós to 2010, and welcome 2011 with a new perspective!

** Note: This post is a personal view, Reader discretions is advised! **

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