Singularity, Perceptions and Continuity

There are many things that happened in the society, as the politician called them “projects” As a Project Manager for 20 years today, I couldn’t help to fathom the facts of mind on how these can come to work, received and die every single one of them.

Perhaps the mindsets of the people here in Malaysia as as shallow as these that things has a quick start, a big parade and everyone goes home after that. This kind of festivity is what we often see everyday in Malaysia.

2010 saw a congress meet in Sarawak, largest hash runs, and the demise of multitudes of events happening, all ended with everyone going home thereafter. The get together of these congregates form a singularity. They are here for a purpose and they come here for the purpose, they make it happen for the purpose and they all finishing it off once they have served their purposes. This forming of singularity have one objective and the realisation of the same objectives among the people participating in forming the singularity.

Now imagine this, If you could start something that will make an impact, it would require a congregate, not just a hand full of people, but the multitudes to come to realise the one objective. And in order to have that, there has to be a message that needs to get through to garner the perception of the congregate. Some of these large events such as the red  dress run gain perception that those coming here will get free beer and food, because they hashed the harrier on the house. Still, these perceptions are shallow and the negate meaningful purpose of such act brings in only results that won’t last.

Come 2011, several events has lined up. I just have a discourse with my friend Roslan. Though I have a good perception of the purposeful event of Tomorrow’s Leader’s Summit, I couldn’t help but to fathom on what he has said. Yes, the charade is grandeur, the people are impressive, the objective is good on having a platform for the youth, but it is lacking one very and all important element, that is Continuity!

I shared with him, more like lamented to him on my apprentice who is less than appreciate to my effort in coaching him for his master course, he, being a typical Malaysian taught could not understand why such coursework needed to be done in certain ways and why certain things such as the methodology is mandatory in the coursework writeup. Anyway, he has failed his last chance of getting the dissertation endorsed and it has been returned to him by his lecturer. Though he failed to follow my guidance, he has the audacity come and blame me! My last few email reminded him that he needs to put in the methodology used. I even went on to deduce and write a set of methodology he used for him! he didn’t want to analyse my write-up and went on putting nothing but “I use Microsoft Word to type this paper” in the methodology used section! I advised him to change the subject and rewrote the dissertation and he scolded me for not doing it for him and now he does not want to continue the degree.

I would think the education play a big role here in terms of non-continuity. The terms for examinations here in Malaysia is that as long as you can go through that 1-2 hours of test and pass, you are over it and you can pack your bags and go home.

A lot of projects has failed in Malaysia, as my terms of faculty is on the context of project management and my terms of qualification is on change management, I couldn’t help but fathom on the continuation of projects. Imagine a projects that is never ending, phase after phase. It will be a change management heaven and a project manager’s utopia in getting that sort of project. Things will run in a constant pace and the acceleration will also be in a constant. It is like a kingdom of infinity, continuation brings solace into movement.

In the runs-up to what I’ve plan to organise in 2011, #iheartborneo though good in initiatives, is yelling for continuity. The perception is now set, the presence known, the Singularity is in the forming. Come the big tweet-up thereafter, continuity is needed!

Though it is hard to garner now at 2am in the morning to write in descriptive manner, I would put the word infinity into continuity. When one is not enough, this is the mindset of successful people, infinity at heart and there is no limit in their perception on singularity!

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  1. To add, it takes one person to start something meaningful, but it will require a whole congregates to bring continuity to it. #iheartborneo is been started by a handful of people, it will require YOU to bring continuity into making Borneo known to the world!