Face the book!

I don’t know all these mambo jumbo about Time Magazine Man of the year 2010 saying of his closing down of the facebook.com come March 15. Only thing I know is that people will not let this happen. The consequences of shutting down the third largest and the most famous social media network in the world will definitely cause unrest all over the world.

From the current trend, we will see a lot of corporates going under the bunkers because some have moved their business onto this platform. Also investment that banked in to companies that rely on the platform to survive will also seek protection from getting bust.

Secondary users will also see relationships unable to continue because the medium of communications between them is now no more. Several might resorted in suicide as the suicidal trend is very much in trend right now, the same as the trendiness of Facebook itself.

Without facebook, telco Mobile internet business will drop. The 80% mobile internet users in Malaysia whose sole purpose to be online is because of facebook, half of which will be disconnecting and back to facing the book.

Internet penetration rate will also drop and the NBI index will be knocked right back into the stone age figure of 5.6%

I just hoped that the hoax is just a hoax. Anyway, it will take times for new player to overtake the predominant of facebook.