An Honest Trade – Prostitution!

In as far as business is concerned, nothing about it has been honest! A successful business is one that has achieved the objective of having the customer to buy into the lies they have to offer, This is what I was told by an old man some 20 years ago before he passed on. I was doing some social work back then and adamant to my belief that Businessmen are honest people.

The reality strikes last night, as I was pondering around on the nature of business here in Malaysia. I couldn’t help but wonder around in the back of my mind, businesses that has been which I was involved in.

A good salesman will try to sell you things that you do not need. People spent money buying into things that they don’t absolutely need. i plead guilty to this myself as I was also paying for things that I do not really need.

Pondering on this, I began to analyse what type of business is truly honest? A farmer? Lawyer, Engineer? Superman? Heck, everything in life has never been honest!

Boys, let me asked you. When you see a pretty girl and start to pursue her, what was the ultimate objective of that pursuit? Being morally correct, you will say make her your girlfriend. And girls, when you see a hunk or a boy wonder like Justin Bieber, what was your ultimate goal in it? Why would you want to get noticed by these boys? again, being morally correct, you will say you want them to notice you so that they will make you their girlfriend.

Cut the crap! Your main objective is a damn scary one. Boys, If the girl knew what you want with her, they will slapt and splat  you right at your face! What you actually want is pure and simple, you want to have sex with her, a psychological needs of yours to procreate! That is an undeniable fact!

And for the girls, it is also a psychological fulfilment, to gain a sense of security, Successful male translates into psychological security. Money, fame and glory set aside. Good looking and wealthy are those targeted by girls as mentally, it tells an expression of success and sense of security at it’s disguise.

Back to my subject above. Why I think that prostitution is the most honest trade in the world? Heck! It is the oldest trade and it is still surviving! Though some country may outlaw them, it was still consider the honest trade. Morally it may be seems as not according to any religious teachings, but I must say nothing beats honesty at it’s base!

So, what is in this trade? Pure and simple. You have a Male party and a Female party. What the Male party has to offer is Money! What the female has to offer is her body. Ultimately, the trade is voiced down to two statement of trade and two terms and conditions. “I want your Money” and “I want your Body”

A lot of people will start to put up the morale judgment on my statement, but I am stating it for a fact! Though I do not condone prostitution, I look at it from a very objective point of view. Yes! it is morally wrong! But I think it is much better than some people who is not honest about dealing in business or trading terms of references.

It is much better than lying to an international conglomerate that they are hiring “Malaysian” while when they select for candidates, they will choose only “Malay” with no working experience and any academic or professional advantages over some world class award winning Project Manager with 20 years working experiences and hold several PhD as qualifications. This kind of hidden agenda and dishonesties is worse than prostitutes who sell their body for a few hundred Ringgit.

*** The content of this post is my personal opinion. Reader Discretion is Advised!