Quench the Internet in Malaysia

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I was shocked to read the news coming in whole morning till now that our right honourable PM has said on international forum that Malaysia is forming regulatory guidelines on Internet. Measures includes guidelines for online publications and registry of bloggers!

In his message on bernama.com


In his message,

“ICT, he said, was “probably the most fundamental tool” member countries had at their disposal to further strengthen the grouping by facilitating communications for the exchange of ideas and to strengthen bilateral as well as people to people relations.”

Here it states the ICT is the most fundamental tools to communicate, which indicates the needs for open communications.

at the same time

Najib pointed out that Asean countries must also look into the ethics of Internet use, adding that irresponsible and unethical behaviour in the borderless world of the Internet “must somehow be managed.”


However, he further said that

“Indecency and anarchy can seep in into any environment that is not anchored on any cultural roots and our values.

“Our culture and our heritage are what make us unique and it is important that we educate our peoples never to abandon what makes them uniquely Asian,”

“Our children and future generations of Asean should retain their Asian cultural values and they must be protected from the threats on the Internet,”

Quenching the internet in Malaysia does not solve the problem towards the use of internet (in this case, the mis-use of internet)  at large. The problem is with the root. Education plays a big part. Common Sense should precede all other guides.

The possible consequence of quenching the internet use will only result in people complaining about the restrictions. Too much restriction will not solve the problem. One has to go down to the root of the problem to fix it and not mulling around messages that can cause a show of unbecoming sensation all over twitter right now!

As I have suggested in twitter to our right honourable PM that he should pull the plugs on Internet if he is going to put any restriction on it as one cannot truly control the internet!

Implementing such restrictions on Internet will also cause another effect that is the intellectual brain-drain from Malaysia as they will see that their voice are not heard here, thus moving away is top of their options in order for them to live comfortably.

I would suggest a different compromise! Ban Politics on Internet or at least regulate the politics going on over the Internet! I would think that it is the only way to take the currently mentioned problem out of the internet equation. Asian value are preserved in Internet. There are heaps of web site that promotes Asian cultures. Most bloggers here also so the same. The idea of Tomorrow’s Leader’s Summit and #iheartborneo are the two initiatives that is currently happening online and it is truly to let the world knows about our culture ad our heritage. It is not political and the awareness programme is there to promote the country and culture. It is not an influence of western culture to the east, it is a blend of efforts to bring the east outward to the rest of the world!

Many people from overseas still thinks that people here in Sarawak lives on tree houses. The internet made them realised that we do have tree houses and it cost the price of 5-star hotel to stay in it for just a night!


Our local culture is also been introduced to the world.

Iban Culture blog


and plenty more.

Don’t hurt the internet by restricting it, I urged you, our right honourable PM, The Internet is here to help us to go through the evolution of culture, it is not here to kill any culture!

*** This post is my personal opinion. Reader’s discretions is advised!