covers it all

Yesterday, I’ve posted up a post about visitors from Semenanjung experiencing the historic culture of Sarawak. I was putting in the perspective of all factors considered based on my observation of these people on Twitter.

I was utter dismay when I get a fellow Sarawakian who thinks that it was too negative. What I portrayed was the cultural in-stake in Sarawak in the line of culture and yet, tour operators seems not to be able to fathom of the needs to maintain and preserve this culture. I would suggest the tour operator  who thinks that I am negative to experience it herself in SCV what they have been through and revitalise the spirit of the land inside of her.

I take it from Mike, a friend of mine in STB on the question of whether it is half empty or half full, My answer is this. The first part is half empty and the second part is half full. The emptiness in the half empty was filled by the content in the half full which makes it complete. This is one of the masis of singularity, you take two halves to make it a whole.