Sense of deceit.. hehe

Someone in journalism dare to scoop me on few question with a start of conversation in a  very unfriendly tone and an error.

Since the questions begins with an error, I was experimenting with him on all his questions. This is what I’ve found about him.

1. He has accessed to restricted and confidential information which only the office bearer has right to access,

2. He dug into my pass in the wrong direction

3. His first question proves that he has failed journalism.

4. He did not pick up the answer from me correctly

5. He twist the facts and figure.

Here is the example.

q1: I have asked <snipped> reporter, there is no scoop.

my answer: he wasn’t around as he has also left before the PC

q2: There is only two companies that made these models…….

Fact is that the two companies he mentioned are not the major player in the field of making these models.

I got pissed off, so I have decided to stray my answer  to see his reaction

q3: What gun do you use before?

my answer: .45

*hic* since he uses the word gun, I played along.

q4: what type of weapon?

My answer: revolver

q5: what type of gun?

my answer : colt, I’ve surrender the gun.

Everyone knew that what I use before was a colt .45 revolver which is older than my dad. He didn’t ask me the reason why I surrender the gun which is crucial.

He goes like .44 revolver …..etc etc etc.

I stop  entertaining his question on the revolver

I switch my answer about the shooting range practice with a very limited weapon using 7mm .531. Gosh anyone who heard of people using a .531 knew that the weapon is custom made by Magnum.

Anyway, I stopped screwing around with him and he seems not to understand what I was trying to do to him by giving in confusing details for him to deduce. His deduction has proven himself wrong in the first place by asking me on the “gun”

If thing is getting in my way, the only information you are going to get is nothing. So, do understand when I answer in stray to your question, you are in deceit!


** Reader Discretion is advised! **