“Uncaged” a bird back to mother nature.

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After a day of wine and pine, our four visitors down at SCV was uncaged. The fact remains that they felt they were caged in the first instance was due to their isolation from the convenience of modern civilisations. Much to their realisation, they are beginning to felt like they can survived. I can see the number of tweets from them dropped as a sign that they are enjoying the other aspect of life down at the SCV.

I would reckon by now they will feel that they are actually uncaged into nature. leaving for the jungle tracks today, they are going into the woods where once the two princesses were conceived. The sense of discovery as they are experiencing is liken to a bird caged been released back into Mother Nature, All the wow and awe that is going through their mind and emotion right now, alike to be free in close proximity to nature, feeling the soil in under their feet, the tree they touch and the ground they are stepping on.

Stepping on solid ground which most of them has experienced are stepping on concrete slaps. Standing on the soil brings them one step closer to Mother Nature.

Mount Santubong, is a part of our heritage and history. It is also a place the local believes that spirit of the dead ascend to the afterlife. Many old folks has told us during the first Santubong expedition in 1988 that if the spirit of the mountains allows us to passed through, we can conquer life anywhere, as the spirit will grant us it’s will to conquer life.

Indeed the mountain is not a easy mountain to climb. much of which that our guests are experiencing right now are made easy and safe. In the other part of this land, with much unexploded jungle, such terrains are much harder and hasher to commute.

By now, they will realised that the small reserved called Santubong houses more than 10 thousands species of ├é┬áliving things such as insects, crawlies, small animals, fauna and flora, ferns and trees. It is an ecological system by itself, sustaining life for it’s inhabitants which also includes us, human being by providing us with the natural supply of food sources that will become the sustenance to us.

I am glad that much of the visitors from overseas get to see these through the programmmes. Sadly, I can see a lot of the locals who strife to live in civilisation did not realised that. In the chase of modernisation, much of these hidden treasures are buried in time to be discovered. I do hoped that the culture preserved by SCV will still be in the life of the people in Sarawak. Else SCV will truly become the only place where our culture heritage is been preserved, as in a Living Museum.

Learnt this couple of years ago from a Kenyah. Mother Nature, as we called it, was consider the provider to the of the land here in Sarawak. The spirits of the jungle is the one who provides the daily needs to the people of the land. Much sought after by the Kenyah people in the in-lands, pleasing the spirit and not crossing the boundary (pantang) will be reciprocated with access to the bountiful resources of the jungle. – Joseph from Land of the Kenyah, Bukit Kana, Tatau (April 10, 2008)

The experience that our visitors is going through is now realising what my dear friends said couple of years ago. Though I have lost contact with Bukit Kana, I do wish that it should be opened up to more visitors.

I think the locals should also visit our own places of interest, especially the Sarawak Cultural Village and experience it themselves and understand what has been lost in the transition of time and evolution of culture, the values and treasures that installed in this land and its people.

I do hoped that Sarawak Tourism Board, Sarawak Cultural Village and Zedtee (Bukit Kana) can bring in more people to experience for themselves and to see what is installed in this wonderful land here called Sarawak.

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