A free bird at last

Spending one day in Kuching trying out all the various food available and including visit to local cafe, Our visitors has a good closure last night before boarding the plane back to KL.

A quick trip to several local food courts has confirmed that nothing beats a local host who can bring them to dine at food places which local frequented and it will beat food arranged by tour operators at any time.

Cover in half a day here are the damages four can made in an afternoon

1. Kampua
2. Patin Pork Leg noodle
3. Yiu Char Kueh – Mayo
4. Yiu Char Kueh – Kaya
5. Vegetarian Mee Mamak
6. Aloe vera
7. 3-layer Tea
8. Belacan Bee Hoon
9. Laici Kang
10. Ang Tao – Chendol
11. Local Rojak
12. Bing! Coffee – Coffee Tiramisu
13. Bing! Coffee – Latte
14. Bing! Coffee – Earl Grey Tea
15. Bing! Coffee – Chocolate Brownies
16. Ayam Penyet
17. Banana Cheese
18. Laksa (night version)
19. Kueh Chap
20. 5-layer Teh C Peng
21. Pork Burger
22. Kek Lapis
23. kolomee (tapao back to KL)
24. Kampua
25. Fruity Ice
26. Tomato Kueh Tiaw

Many loads of things they have not try are the various type of laksa, Kong Pia, tiang Piang gu, and loads of other food

Other food that they have tasted are

27. Kolomee
28. Mee Sapi
29. Char Kueh
30. local Bao from Stall 31, Open Air market
31. Sio bee
32 . Cincaluk Chicken
33, sugar cane from the press
34. Bao babi
35. Various type of kueh from petanak night market
36. Matterhorns
37. White lady

plus food prepared at SCV including

38. Laksa
39. Pansuh
40. Tebaloi
41. Linut
42.  Midin

and loads of other good food.

That is just the intro part of the foodscapade available in Kuching that covers around less than 3% oh choices available.

I will be eager to see what they are going to blog about.

Until we meet again, I really hoped that they are having fun during their short yet educational stay here in Kuching, though it was a bumpy starts, I can see that they have all ended their trip satisfied.

Sarawak will welcome them again. :0)

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  1. I can’t believe we’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg! looks like there’s more to go… and i cannot wait to explore 😉

    Thanks again Pierce!