Reinventing Tuak – #iheartborneo

3 couchsurfers who is bunking at my house over the weekend went into overdrive on foodscapade, those guys at Tandemic has been wowing at the food all over Kuching.

Though much of the food are really there to wow the eaters, the epic festivity didn’t start until few hours before they are scheduled to depart.

Here is the story, first night, we took some tuak from supermarket. good but nothing much to shout about. this moved into the next install when we wanted to try more tuak after the closing of the darn supermarket (Sorry Willy Foo, my old school buddy, it is your supermarket after all) Roaming around for 30 minues, epic failed. We couldn’t locate “the world worst bar”

With some directions from Fahrie and Robbie (Thanks guys, now I have a new destination to make visitor KO). we ended up at Ruai!. The tuak is amazing.

A bit of history and FYI here, Tuak is the official liquor of Sarawak ethics Iban. It is used to served the deity spirit and for consumption. Ever wonder why the birth rate of these ethic is doubled in one particular month as compared to other month?

Though usual test shown that the alcohol content is lesser than some of the fine brew in Europe, it is much easier to get high and drunk in this drink. Laced with tonnes of sugar, It didn’t give the liquor kick as compared to the usual whisky which is registerred at a much higher alcohol content, the 5% alcohol (official % allowed) gave the sugar a booster shot. You will be sugar crush and alcohol crush at the same time.

Second part of history, The tuak is the easier type of the liquor. The harder type of the liquor is “Langkao”! This is the “moon-shine” of Sarawak! It is out-lawed to sell it. Some still brew them for own consumption or to treat their much honoured guess. The best Langkao is known to be purer than Absolute Vodka.

My visitors are all hyped up by the tuak. We even invented a new verb called “Tuaked”. The meaning is only understood by local Sarawakian and by those who has gone though been tuaked. It is hard to describe the feeling of being tuaked, it puts the brain consciousness into overdrive, all faculties of it. the only way is to experience it yourself personally.

(Note to @lightyoruichi, I don’t mind the aftermath up as long as you had a good time. I really salute you after you have down more than 7 shots, I stopped counting at 7. )

Drinking Tuak is a whole new experience to my visitors, It didn’t kick in until like an hour after starts. Aided by the sugar rush, the “happiness” that comes with it is incomparable. The other part about Tuak is that it lingers. Well known to last for 48 hours with some people. That’s why the festivity that is associated with it is usually longer than 2 days as the Tuak Epidemic looms.

One local trick to ease the after effect of hangover from Tuak is to have just one shot of other milder liquor such as whisky or vodka in the morning after. I think the trick on this is to control the reduction of alcohol and sugar level slowly so that the brain won’t feel the pinch that much from the depletion of the sugar rush and alcohol rush. An experience worth a try if you are up to it and choose to do so.

** Reader Discretion is advised.

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  1. Good thing I dont drink tuak.. hehehe.. glad they had a blast and got Tuaked. You only can say ‘welcome to sarawak’ after you have got tuaked.. heheheh