Google in Malaysia

What has come to a surprise to me is that Google has open it’s office here in Malaysia. Being on social media over this side of Malaysia, I wasn’t loomed into the pictures as I would really like to be there for this historical moment.

Question now is that with all these hype of Internet censorship coming at bay, Google’s move in Malaysia might share the same fate as with those of China. The mimicking of censorship foray today as mentioned by the right honourable assistant minister is akin to what Google faced in dealing with the “great wall” of China.

As I am typing this blog using Chrome OS which I have modified with some spell check tools (reason is that the shift key on my keyboard is not functioning any more) I see it that the technological ground as it moves here in Malaysia could benefit epic fan  of google like me to be one step closer to getting access to these technology.

Being 10 years in a state own ICT company, I have been pushing use of some of the freebies of google here in Sarawak against much odds. include but not limited to the use of google map instead of proprietary GIS tools, use of google doc, use of jabber chat technology which was demo in google talk etc.

Though a year ago, google kind of ignored me of some questions about job opportunity in Malaysia by not answering the question I’ve posted to them in twitter, still fan the flame within me to continue as an epic fan to it. I just hoped for two things for google in Malaysia.

1. do not mimic other less colourful MNC here in Malaysia by misrepresentation when posting job offers locally

2. be closer to the local online community such as those from twitter and facebook (oops! competitor….

Also, I was wondering what had happened to the CR-48 pilot program? have no reply from google yet on the whereabout of the thing in transit.

** Reader discretion is advised! **