Technology aided world!

I am taking an experiment of my own today. I seems that human being today has lost that personal touch in remembering little things about people around them, especially when it comes to anniversary, birthday and memorial.

It is my birthday, other than my family members, the rest couldn’t remember without any sort of help from technology. In this age of Facebook, Twitter and etc, people can only remember them by the calendar services. Seeing my friend answering all the happy birthday message on their birthday on facebook, I was wondering what if I don’t publish them on facebook this year and see how many of them who can remember my birthday last year can recall my birthday this year.

I was gifted with numeric photographic memory, I can remember anything which is associated to numbers easily. If you asked me whose phone number is this, I would only need to remember it once and it will stick in my mine. Come technology aided, I will not be able to remember those date that has been aided as the significant of the number was out of the equation.

The questions remain, are we too socially connected technologically and that we have neglected to be connected personally? Are we lack of the personal touch that it will require a jot from an external device to rekindle the part of our memory? Are we that dislocated socially that we could not take the effort to remember who is sharing the same b’day with us? Are we so dependent on technology that we can only function with it and not without it?

I still remember the girl in my class who has shared the same birthday as I am. There is also another classmate named Justin Ng who also shared the same birthday as us, Technology has not reconnected all of us who has been apart 20 years ago.

Technologically, speaking, gadget are now sadly an extension of our physique. We live better with it and it helps us to remember better. This test proved exactly that we are depending on them and we cannot live without them. Technologically speaking!