Issues in Sarawak – Headwinds of social project??

I was contemplating to blog about this, but much of my experiences I have of late are showing that Sarawak are some what of some neglect by most if not all of Sarawak when it comes to try to do something social without Political Link.

I have a project since January 2010, it is now end of January 2011 which I have yet to get the project kicks off. If you said that this project has failed, I would say yes and no. The reason is that the project has not even started yet.

I have been trying to get some money invested into this social project, the problem I am facing is the name “Sarawak” the moment a sponsor from KL heard that the start up is in Sarawak, they stop the negotiation for funding the project and some stop communicating altogether. It is a noble project which involved tech-savvy people on the street to send in feedback on service outage and places or matters that need the attention of the authorities. I have the whole knowledge of the back office operation of all the local authorities myself when I implemented E-Local Authority Projects under the Sarawak state government ICT implementor, SAINS.

Been trying to leverage on this knowledge and address the lack, I could not help but to wonder if there is a possibility to implement a social projects here in Sarawak. Prior to joining SAINS, I have implemented one social project in Singapore and several others in Europe all with much success even though they are small. People would pour in their money just for the sake that it being a social projects.

In Malaysia, however, most investor will ask for Return of Investment (ROI), And always there are tonnes of conditions attached. You do not see these in other countries as they will freely give you the fund you need as long as proper accounting is maintained.

As it was my Birthday yesterday, one of my wish is to see that an angel will come to aid in the project by supporting it financially. The rest will be easy to achieve as technology is there to help. Come march, is the Tomorrows Leaders Summit, quite the opposite of what I would think to be the platform for my project. I would wonder if there will be some angels there who could take a look at my project. However, their choice of domain name could be telling me that I might be on the right track or maybe not.

On the other hand, I strife to think that this issue about Sarawak is somewhat psychological. Some of the investor would think that KL will be a viable place to start this project, The only problem with KL is that I do not have the domain knowledge on the operation of the Local Authority there. I can only get this to work here in Sarawak where I know what is going on in the back office. The part that they want KL could also be that people think that most of the populations in Malaysia are mounted around KL. However one thing I could not fathom is the slight mention of Sarawak makes then fear that it will not work, as if there are too many social projects that has failed in Sarawak, which I would not think so. Is it just me or KL people are afraid to invest anything in Sarawak on social context.