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CSR – to reciprocate those public feedbacks!

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In brief A lot of corporates nowadays “treasures” feedbacks from public, though they need not be customers to the corporates. They loves to lend an ear to listen to the complaints and feedbacks calling them constructive criticism. Though this may … Continue reading

Quench the Internet in Malaysia

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I was shocked to read the news coming in whole morning till now that our right honourable PM has said on international forum that Malaysia is forming regulatory guidelines on Internet. Measures includes guidelines for online publications and registry of … Continue reading

An Honest Trade – Prostitution!

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In as far as business is concerned, nothing about it has been honest! A successful business is one that has achieved the objective of having the customer to buy into the lies they have to offer, This is what I … Continue reading

Social Media and Information Assimilation – The CSR bits.

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I felt socially responsible yesterday during the hype of the runway excursion at Kuching International Airport. Been at home at that time waiting for incoming visitor expected in a later flight, I was bored with pondering upon the irony of … Continue reading

Face the book!

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I don’t know all these mambo jumbo about Time Magazine Man of the year 2010 saying of his closing down of the come March 15. Only thing I know is that people will not let this happen. The consequences … Continue reading